Wolfy, the animatronic wolf. Edit

-Wolfy's descriptive things-

Wolfy is about the same height as the animatronic 2.0s, and behaves like one. He looks like a brown wolf, has secretly been around since the first pizzeria, and enjoys eating pizza.

-Wolfy's backstory-

Wolfy was one of the original animatronics until some kid spilled a large cup of Dr.Pepper into his mouth, making Wolfy short-circuit, and making the management pull him out of the main cast, being put into a box in backstage until it closed down in presumably 1993. He was brought into the new pizzeria along with the others, when Ryan, his now best friend, found him and re-activated him. He now resides in Ryan's apartment, hating anything and everything that has to do with the pizzeria that had just threw him into the back room when they could've fixed him themselves. He rarely goes into the pizzeria unless Ryan asks him to, and even when he does, he is very reluctant.

-Wolfy's attributes-

Wolfy is stronger, faster, and more aggressive than the other animatronics, due to Ryan's tinkerings on him. When he is in the pizzeria, he doesn't attack the guard, unless the guard has a Freddy mask on, but he attacks the old animatronics, due to him thinking that they replaced them. The 2.0's don't go after him, and he doesn't attack them. He has a small caliber gun built into his index finger on his right hand, and can recharge in any light.

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