Trickytronic is an animatronic version of tricky the clown,he was originally an animatronic at the madness combat pizzeria but got scrapped eventually due to glitches in the system,after years...he shared the same mind fate as strongman(from stuffed)he started to develop a killer mind.........


he lookes like tricky the clown from madness combat except he is withered,some of his body parts have endoskeleton revealed,has blood on him from the murders he committed in the past,including his warning sign weapon.

one day he was salvaged to Freddy fazzy fun time(the main place of TRTF 4)and he was originally going to be a mascot but as time went on,the owner became more aware of the danger trickytronic possessed and locked him into the safe room,until he managed to escape.


at his time in the madness combat pizzeria,someone called "the red guy" hid inside trickytronic to hide from the police(yes he is a spring lock suit)but the springlocks clamped,trapping him,luckily,he got out alive but unluckily,he suffered a cut on his head linking to the brain,and some of the blood that bled out went inside trickytronic,giving him a killer mind in the process.

he escaped to fazbear inc. and after a while he noticed the tortures and the machine....and then he put his AI into the machine making him into a torture...