"He seems to be different in a way,that he seems to be more interested in the pizzeria than you."-Phone Guy,FanFic. Edit

About Edit

No picture yet,but soon!
Vital statistics
Position An Animatronic Protagonist
Age Unknown
Status Answering Questions
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 100 lbs

Panswer is a Fan antagonist in FNAF,His Motto is,"I am here to answer all your questions!"Because he was made to answer all of the kids questions,But if he manages to get into your office he will not refuse to stuff you into a Freddy Fazzbears suit.

Appearance Edit

He is mostly orange,with some red lion-like fur lined all along the sides of his head.He has one set of teeth and two fangs on the top of his mouth,and has a brighter orange shade for his belly.He carries a navy blue book with yellow note-like pages.

Behavior Edit

he likes to stay in a room for a while,and will sometimes look at the camera,like he isn't interested in you.

Night 1 Edit


Night 2 Edit

will stay in rooms the longest,and pays almost no attention to you.

Night 3 Edit

Is more active,and will stay out your door the longest.

Night 4 Edit

Is even more active,can now disable cameras,and will stay outside your doors for a shorter amount of time.

Night 5 Edit

Is most active,and will Only stay outside your doors for extremely short moments.

Night 6 Edit

Is inactive this night.

Trivia Edit

  • At night,Panswers Book has "IT'S ME" In all of his pages.